Why is content marketing important for your business?

Why is content marketing important for your business?

Why is content marketing important for your buisness marketing strategy?  Thats what we will be discussing in this postWe will first define and understand what content marketing is, and why you need to adopt this strategy in your overall marketing planlets get started!!!

What is content marketing?

Definition:  Content marketing is a business and marketing process focused on developing and distributing relevant, valuable and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience, and ultimately, to drive a visitor to take some type of action resulting in profitContent marketing has history:  Content marketing is the core element of any inbound marketing strategy and has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Even before the web, content marketing was around without having the name attached to the processIf you think about it for a bit, even before the Internet, you would go to a park, a zoo, heritage sites, or public places and you could find information that would educate you on what you were experiencing.  This is a form of content marketing as you are being educated with information, either for answers or what to do next

Building trust leads to sales

Online content marketing adopts the same strategy.  You will build trust with your prospects by providing valuable content which ultimately develops a connection and relationship.If you provide information for which people are searching for online that answers their questions, you have started building a relationship and you can start nurturing them to eventually buy something from youIts all about your audience, if you provide information that adds value to their lives, you will build trust, and trust ultimately builds sales

Without Content your communication platforms are useless

So how can we deliver information to our audiences. We can use various platforms to get our content distributed, some examples are blog posts, emails, website pages, social media, print collateral, and more. Its easy to identify the different platforms, but without content, these delivery mechanisms are uselessContent is the driver and navigator of taking someone from the attract phase to the delight phase in the inbound methodology. The inbound marketing methodology consists of 4 stages, namely, attract, close, convert and delight. Content can take someone down this path until they are brand advocates of your product. This nurturing process is all driven by the content that is delivered

The connection between inbound marketing and content marketing

You should be educating and entertaining them through effective storytelling as apposed to driving advertising messages Content marketing and inbound marketing work together like Batman and Robin. When working together, they form an effective and valuable team.Inbound activities may include SEO, product trials, marketing automation and the use of different digital marketing tools.  Content fuels the inbound machine and is what excites your audience.In summary:   Content marketing is communicating with your audience without selling your product or service.

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