How to Choose a Blog Name or Domain

How to Choose a Blog Name or Domain

If you want to be successful online you need to come up with the the best name for your blog or website that is evergreen and has longevity.  In this article how to choose a blog name or domain name for your business, I take you through the steps to consider when selecting your domain name

1. Find your Niche

You need to ask yourself a few questions to determine what niche you will be going into

  • What are your passions in life?
  • What topics are you knowledgable on?
  • Which product/service can you see yourself writing about forever without getting bored or frustrated?
  • Have you researched the competition and will this topic/product/service be worthwhile investing in?

At the end of the day, your niche will be the topic you will be blogging/reviewing/selling about and its important in this brainstorming phase to choose the right industry.

2. Write down your core topic, keywords and uniqueness

  • Write down your core topic for your website or blog taking into consideration the steps above
    • For example:  fishing, baking, food, travel
  • Next, write down a few keywords related to your core niche/topic
    • If you chose a topic like baking, you could have words like biscuits, fresh, flour, cake etc.
  • Be unique.  Find out what makes your business or blog unique from everyone else.  From a personal brand it could be your hair color or from the baking example it could be that your cakes are the biggest, fluffiest and are purple.  This will make you more memorable online and create a good picture for the visitor.  Also, it could be from where you come from or where you grew up, so location could be a good differentiator for your brand
    • For example: or

3. Know your audience

At the end of the day, you need to appeal to your audience, this is a crucial step on how to choose a blog name or domain.

By understanding and knowing who your target audience is, you will appeal to them through demographic attributes like age, career, sex, income, education etc.  If your target audience is in the high income bracket, mid aged and are male who went to university.  Then something like “high street gin” . is a good name

4. Use name generator sites

To help you with some ideas, you could use these name generators to come up with some ideas

You could use a domain name provider to search different terms and they will also give you suggestions

A2 Hosting

or use


Keep in mind, you could also use to find interesting synonyms.  For example instead of using the word car, you could use “auto”, “wagon” or “ride”

5. Get ideas from competitors

Always a good place to look.  find competitor blog or websites and see which are appealing to you.

Take extracts from their use of the different terms and incorporate into yours and see how it sounds or looks.

For Example:  It may be an interesting adjective or synonym that you could use

6. Tone

Think of your brand, personal or blogging tone.  is your brand serious, funny, sarcastic etc.

Your name must represent your overall tone so people will relate to your product/service or blog easier

7. Easy to remember, short and simple

Use words that are easy to pronounce, memorable and are understood by your target audience

Words that are familiar to your target audience will be more effective than unfamiliar terms/words

The word SEO is familiar to marketers but not to everyone, so if you are targeting marketers then using SEO will be ok and its easy to remember

Short names are generally more effective, try not to go over three words, two words is more ideal and three is acceptable.

For Exmaple:  “parachuting in the jungle” can be shortened to Jungle parachuting

8. Can I use my own name?

You most certainly can, especially if you are trying to build your personal brand.  There are however some negatives

  • Could be seen as a personal diary
  • You may get lost in your niche as you don’t have authority straight away.  This can change over time

When can you be effective using your own name right away?

  • Writing about your personal interests
  • Build credibility for future jobs
  • You are know in the industry you have chosen and are a thought leader

9. Think about Longevity of your blog name or domain

If you choose a niche that is a fad or has a limited time period for success then its fine, you can make the most out of that time frame.

If you want to keep your blog or website for a very long time then you must take that into consideration when choosing a blog name or domain

For example, short term:  If square yoyos is a fad in Florida, and you want to make a quick buck while the trend lasts, then will be fine.

For example, long term: will be better for future and is not specific to a certain region if you want to grow your business into other areas

10. See how your name looks in a domain

Some names are brilliant but may look bad in a domain and unreadable

For Example: . This looks heavy on the eye and hard to read.  you can break it down and figure out but its not ideal

11. lastly, check the Availability

So, you could do or the work, but if its not available to register then you are stuck

Check on the web

Again, you could go to A2 Hosting which is a domain name provider and hosting company and check the availability using their search tool.

Check on social media platforms

Its also good practice to go and check if you can get a similar handle for twitter, facebook, youtube, instagram etc


I hope you enjoyed this article and you got some inspiration for choosing a blog name or domain.

If you take one thing from this article , it would be to not take the easy route in selecting your company/blog/domain name.  This name will be with you in most cases for ever and by choosing wrong could be detrimental to your online business

Go through the steps and come up with something truly amazing

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